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Analitik Sistemlerimiz Yayında!

Finansal piyasalarda ticaret için kullanabileceğiniz destekleyici algoritmik ve analitik sistemlerimizin lisansları yayına alınmıştır.


One-to-One Finance

You will be in a special financial consultancy program with Onur Erkan Yıldız. A special financial trading system will be prepared for you.

Financial Literacy Education

You can receive financial literacy trainings individually and corporately, with individual or collective plans. 

Corporate Consulting

With this special program prepared for companies, your financial risks will be protected while an increase in your financial returns is planned. 

Online Financial Literacy Training Kit

Check out our constantly updated and active video training set prepared by Onur Erkan Yıldız, which you can access online 24/7.

Blockchain Developer

Cryptocurrency Conversion
Our Service Has Started!

For your company or individual projects

Blockchain, WEB3.0 and Cryptocurrency

Together We Can Realize Transformations!


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Who are we?


 Onur Erkan Yıldız graduated from the Department of Statistics and received a higher education in Money and Capital Markets. He has a master's degree in Financial Engineering before. He continues his academic studies. He has served in the following institutions.

  • ATIG Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş – Assistant Specialist

  • Support Investment Securities Inc. – Investment Specialist

  • Başkent Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş – Analyst

  • Venbey Investment Securities Inc. – Analyst

  • FBS Markets INC – International Analyst (Present)

  After successful work in Turkey, it continues to work with a brokerage house operating in 120 countries with a significant market share. Apart from his busy business life, he still continues his education studies. He is also the founder of “Bahcesehir Financial Advisory Services” company.

with Onur Erkan Yildiz
Financial Literacy Online Video Training Set

Our financial literacy video training set, which you can access online 24/7 with Onur Erkan Yıldız, is with you!


You can buy video tutorials related to all financial literacy issues individually or as a set on our website. We also have the option to rent the training you want.

If you buy a single video or this video training set, you will be able to access 24/7 on our website and watch this constantly updated video training kit from anywhere you have internet. 

Education topics:

  • Financial Markets and Stock Market

  • Forex Markets

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis

  • Chart Types

  • Trend Formation, Trend Tracking and Trend Ending

  • Identifying Support, Resistance / Supply Demand Zones

  • Candlestick Patterns

  • Fibonacci Theorem

  • Bollinger Bands

  • Bill Williams Indicators in Technical Analysis

  • Indicators in Technical Analysis

  • Elliot Wave Principles


With us
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Contact Us


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Onur Erkan Yildiz

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