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Distance Sales Agreement

This contract has been issued due to the obligation to conclude a contract for sales made over the internet pursuant to the "Regulation on Implementation Procedures and Principles of Distance Contracts" published in the Official Gazette dated 13.06.2003 and numbered 25137, and the details are given below.

A DISTANCE SALES AGREEMENT has been made between the company whose title and address is stated below, and the member who has read the contract and approved the acceptance link, with his own free will and free will, with the conditions stated below. Contract clauses are:



Title :Bahçeşehir Consulting Services (Onur Erkan Yıldız) (Hereinafter referred to as “Bahçeşehir Consulting Services (Onur Erkan Yıldız)”.)

Address/contact :
Telephone :
E-Mail Address:

1.2. BUYER

Member who purchased a course. (Hereinafter referred to as "Member".)
Name and surname :
TC Identification number :
Address :
Mobile phone :
E mail address :


The subject of this contract is to determine the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on the Application Principles and Procedures of Distance Contracts No.


The product/service subject to the contract is the video training, live training and consultancy services that the participant purchases from the company over the internet according to his/her choice. No indefinite service is available, check service times.



4.1.1. The Member declares that he has read all the preliminary information about the basic characteristics, sales price and payment method of the product/service, the details of which are specified in the invoice, and how the product or service can be used, and has given the necessary confirmation in electronic environment.

4.1.2. The member accepts in advance that no one other than the member accepting the contract will benefit from the product/service subject to the contract.

4.1.3. The company is obliged to present the contractual products/services to the member in full within the time/date announced in line with the preliminary information provided on the website. However, the member's own internet connection and technical infrastructure, computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. The company cannot be held responsible for not being able to reach the product/service purchased due to problems arising from the devices.

4.1.4. In order for the product or service subject to the contract to be offered to the member, the company must complete the sales procedures on the web page, read the membership and confidentiality agreements, mark the confirmation fields showing that they accept the contract, and then pay the price of the product or service.

4.1.5. The Company does not make any commitment regarding the number and publication period of the content included in the Opinions / Analysis sections, which constitute the service subject to the contract and which Gold members can access by paying a fee.

4.1.6. External links are opened on a separate page on The relevant site administration is responsible for the page content on the redirected site.


4.2.1. In order for the person to purchase the product/service offered for sale by the company, it is obligatory to become a member of the website ( where the sales transactions will be made.

4.2.2. The contract enters into force after the sale transaction on the website is completed and the sale contract is approved.

4.2.3. The product/service can be purchased by credit card or money order/eft methods. Your bank may apply more installments than the number of installments given by the company, and may offer services such as installment postponement. Such services and the creation of the loan payment plan are at the discretion of your bank.

4.2.4. An information message will be sent to the e-mail address of the member whose contract has been approved without any problems and who has made the payment, indicating that the purchase request has been received by the company. Within two business days at the latest, the product or service purchased by the company will be activated and the necessary information will be notified to the member via e-mail.

4.2.5. In the event that the product/service purchase is complete, the invoice for the product and service in question will be sent to the member's address specified in the contract within 15 working days at the latest.


4.3.1. The member accepts that all copyrights of the videos, presentations, visuals, texts, technical analysis graphic works and other educational materials contained in the product/service content he/she has purchased belong to the company and undertakes not to share their passwords and educational content with others, copy or reproduce the contents without obtaining permission from the company. .

4.3.2. The Member accepts and undertakes that when he/she approves this agreement, he/she has read, understood and accepted the texts on the "Membership Agreement", "Confidentiality Commitment and Security Policy", "Return, Cancellation and Warranty Conditions" on the website.


4.4.1. The company is obliged to present the contracted product/service to the member in accordance with the "Consumer Legislation", completely and in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order.

4.4.2. If the company cannot provide the contracted product/service to the member due to force majeure or extraordinary circumstances, it is obliged to notify the member as soon as possible.

4.4.3. If it is determined that the member has accessed the product/service subject to the order from many different IP addresses, the member company will be warned or the order may be cancelled. In this case, the fee paid will not be refunded.


5.1. Since the member can access all the training materials they have purchased from the moment they are activated, there is no refund after activation. Because once these services are purchased, the service begins to be provided and all services can be accessed.

5.2. Natural disasters, war, mobilization, fire, explosion, strike, lockout, cancellation of authorization, suspension, decisions taken by official authorities and events that occur outside the control of the company, which are determined by laws and occur in a way and to the extent that the company's working opportunities are partially or completely stopped, temporarily or permanently. circumstances are considered force majeure. In such cases, the company will not be liable for non-fulfillment or late fulfillment of its obligations during the continuation of force majeure. The Institution shall immediately notify the member of the situation through written or other communication channels following the occurrence of force majeure.


6.1. The "Confidentiality Commitment and Security Policy" on the website is valid for confidentiality and non-competition issues.


7.1. Company records (including records in magnetic media such as computer audio and video recordings) constitute conclusive evidence in resolving any disputes that may arise from this contract and/or its implementation. Consumer Arbitration Committees are authorized up to the value declared by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, and İzmir Consumer Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in cases exceeding.

7.2. When the issues not included in the contract are encountered, the relevant laws and regulations will prevail.

Member, M. 9/A, f 2 and Mes. Promise. Direction. It accepts, undertakes and declares that it has read the preliminary information in accordance with Articles 5 and 6 and has given the necessary confirmation in electronic environment.

As a consumer/member, I have read, understood, accepted all the points written in this preliminary information document and have approved and confirmed all these matters.

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